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If you have been ordered by a judge to complete an educational course, you can find it online at Guardian Court Classes. We offer a wide variety of certified court classes on a variety of different topics to suit your individual needs. Our courses, like our online anger management courses, are available in varying levels depending on how many hours you are required to take. They are also extremely affordable, making it easy for anyone to meet their requirements for court without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money. 

Taking your court ordered classed online provides you with all the same benefits as attending a physical class, but with the added convenience of never having to leave your home to attend class. Our courses are 99.9% guaranteed to be accepted by the court, and are designed to create minimum disruption to your life.
Get started on the road to a better life with online courses from Guardian Court Ordered Classes.

Online Classes 

Anger Management

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Drug and Alcohol Assessment

Theft Awareness

Tobacco Awareness

Parenting Class

Sexual Health

Animal Abuse Class

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